Send Registration Custom Fields to Order Email - OpenCart Extension





Unlimited Custom Fields

Create Unlimited number of Custom Fields (e.g. VAT ID, Bank, Bank Account, VAT Payer etc.), both for Addres Info and Customer Personal Info

Display/Hide Custom Fields

Ability to Display or Hide specific Custom Fields from Customer view, based on needs

Full Compatibility

You can Create and Use any Type of field you need: Text, Select, Checkbox, Radio, Date etc


Set specific Custom Fields for Address or Account - Personal information

Custom Fields Propagates in All Sections of your Website 


Custom Fields available in Order History, Address Book,Order Checkout,Admin Order Invoice, Admin Dispatch Note, Admin Order Details

Custom Fields sent to Confirmation Email

Custom Fields sent by Order Confirmation Email to Customer and Store Owner



Compatible with baseline OpenCart versions,,,,,,,,,,,,,




Compatible with Journal Opencart theme and Pavothemes for OpenCart





Custom Fields are propagated to following areas of OpenCart Website



Front End



► My Account –> Edit Personal Information
► My Account –> Address Book Entries
► My Account –> Address Book Entries –> Edit Address
► Order History –> Order Information
► Checkout –> Billing Details –> I want to use an existing address
► Checkout –> Billing Details –> I want to use a new address
► Checkout –> Delivery Details –> I want to use an existing address
► Checkout –> Delivery Details –> I want to use a new address


Order Email



► Confirmation Email to Customer (Account, Payment&Shipping Address);

► Confirmation Email to Store Owner ((Account, Payment&Shipping Address)





► Orders (Payment Address, Shipping Address);

► Order Invoice

► Order Dispatch Note

► Customers – Edit Customers (General, Address)